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Ending Violence

Help us continue to reach people and grow Social and Emotional Learning within schooling systems around the world.

Our distribution strategy is all about getting our film in front of the leaders, educators and parents who can grow Social and Emotional Learning in their countries, communities and homes. We plan to reach these audiences through conferences, targeted screenings, and film festivals. Your donation will help us with the ongoing costs of applications, creating eye catching press materials, and doing the mahi (work) of the creating engaging events.

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Social and Emotional Learning Resources

Join the movement for Social and Emotional Learning by bringing these profoundly important life skills into your school or home.

Think Equal resources for home teaching

Think Equal resources for the classroom

Think Equal

The mission of Think Equal is to bring Social and Emotional Learning into mainstream education globally. Their aim is to start the learning in the early years of the child’s life, and create a ‘ring fenced’ subject, in order to deliver vital life skills, to enable children to grow and live heathy relationships, care for themselves, and others. Currently, Think Equal is operating in 13 countries, and are looking for more governments to collaborate with to bring their work into the lives of as many children as possible.

Learn more at: www.thinkequal.org

Beyond Equality

Founded to help boys and men live healthier relationships, Beyond Equality work with boys and men across the UK.

Learn more at: https://www.beyondequality.org/programs/schools-programs